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Inclusion and ADA Accessibility Plan

Inclusion and ADA Accessibility Plan
Hartford Parks & Recreation actively promotes inclusive practices in order to meet the needs of participants, families and staff in our programs. Everyone is welcome to attend Hartford programs and facilities regardless of ability, background, culture, religion, gender or economic circumstances. Through inclusive practice, we aim to reflect our wider community and promote positive attitudes to the similarities and differences in each other. In adherence to the Americans with Disabilities Act, we strive to offer reasonable accommodations to enable people with disabilities to become fully included in our programs and facilities.
Accommodations Procedures
Please contact the Hartford Parks & Recreation Department office at 802-295-5036 or visit the office at 171 Bridge Street, White River Junction to request an accommodation request form.  You can also contact Karen McNall at kmcnall@hartford-vt.org. Return the form by email: kmcnall@hartford-vt.org, or mail to 171 Bridge Street, White River Junction, VT 05001.
The accommodations request form must be received at least two weeks prior to the date needed.
The Town will conduct an initial assessment by contacting the guardians of the patron or the patron themselves prior to the beginning of the program/facility use. The Town will then create an accommodation plan for the program/facility staff. Hartford Parks & Recreation reserves the right to deny a request if: modifications are not supported by the data in the assessment or documentation; the patron does not meet the essential eligibility criteria; or the request does not fall under the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Essential Eligibility Requirements: A minimal set of factors which determines whether a person will be permitted to use a facility or program. In most cases, with a reasonable accommodations, an individual can meet the essential requirements for participation.
Capacity: The participant must register before the program fills to capacity.
Fee: The participant must pay the appropriate registration fee. Individuals will not be charged a higher fee if accommodations are necessary.
Age: The activity must be age appropriate; a 15-year-old may not register to participate with 3-year-olds, regardless of cognitive ability.
Rules of conduct and waiver: Persons must agree to rules of the program and the waiver statement in order to participate.
Safety: All participants must refrain from placing themselves and/or others at risk with aggressive or unsafe behaviors.
Relative skill: The participant must possess the following relative skills in order to participate in most Hartford Parks & Recreation program settings:
  • Able to use a consistent form of communication to indicate basic needs and follow simple directions
  • Voluntarily engage in scheduled activities for the majority of the program time with or without reasonable accommodations.
  • Able to tolerate and function, with assistance, as a member of a larger social group (12 or more people)
  • Remain with the instructor, follow directions to the best of her or his ability, and refrain from disrupting the class/program with or without reasonable accommodation.
All participants must be able to conduct services of a personal nature (feeding, dressing, toileting) independently. Staff are not required to help participants perform services of a personal nature. If a patron requires personal care, a caregiver may attend with the patron.
Anyone supporting a participant with accommodations and support needs can receive free entrance to the program or facility. Individuals who support patrons in our programs must register for the program individually and have a household account with our registration software at www.hartfordrec.comIndividuals must pass the Hartford Parks & Recreation Volunteer process including background checks. For more information please contact the Parks & Recreation Office.

Hartford Park and Recreation staff are not allowed to administer medication during the program without the parents consent. We require participants to fill out a separate medication forms.
Patrons may also request the following services through our accommodations request form:
  • Large print copies of Hartford Parks & Recreation publications are available with three days’ notice.
  • Audiotape of sections of program or services materials are available within three days’ advance notice. Patrons may also ask that materials be read to them.
  • Assistive listening devices may be available with 48 hours’ notice.
  • Sign language interpretation requests the assistance of the participants guardian or care giver due to limited resources. If those resources are not available the Hartford Parks & Recreation will seek professional assistance and will require three days’ advance notice.
  • Diabetes monitoring and administration as is necessary for program participation.
  • Any other accommodations needed to participate in our programs or facilities.
Please contact Hartford Parks & Recreation at 802-295-5036 for further information on accommodations.  
Grievance Procedure
To file a grievance Hartford Parks & Recreation will have alternative means of filing complaints, such as personal interviews or a tape recording of the complaint, will be made available for persons with disabilities upon request. The complaint should be submitted by the grievance and/or his/her designee as soon as possible but no later than 60 calendar days after the alleged violation.
All written complaints received by the Town will be kept on file in accordance to State of Vermont municipal records laws.