Hartford Parks & Recreation Department
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Hartford Parks & Recreation Commission

Hartford Parks & Recreation Commission is regularly scheduled to meet on the second Thursday of each month at the Hartford Municipal Building at 5:00pm.

These meetings are open to the public, and input is always welcome.

Chair and School Board, High School Sports Liaison 

Brett Mayfield, Chair and Hartford Schoolboard & Selectboard Liason
E: wbmayfield@aol.com

Vice Chair & Hartford Tree Board Liason 

David M. Crocco, Jr., Vice Chair
E: david.crocco@yahoo.com

Tom McCleary, Secretary & Hartford Conservation Commission Liaison 
Tom McCleary
Tom McCleary, Clerk & Hartford Conservation Commission
E: mcclearytom54@gmail.com


Nikki Boyle, Member
E: nikboyle72@gmail.com

Allison L. Childs, Member and Planning & Zoning Liaison 

Allison L. Childs, Member and Hartford Planning and Zoning Construction
E: allisonchild@aol.com

Hartford Selectboard Liaison 

Mary Erdei, Hartford Selectboard Liason
E: merdei@hartford-vt.org

Hartford Parks & Recreation Director and Liason 

Scott Hausler, Hartford Parks & Recreation Director / Liason
Ph: 802-295-5036
E: shausler@hartford-vt.org

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